The First Step to IIT JEE Chemistry , Author: Arihant

The First Step to IIT JEE Chemistry , Author: Arihant

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The First Step to IIT JEE Chemistry
Author: Arihant
About The Book

Every year a large number of students passing class 10th and entering into class 11th dream of getting into Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). But only a few of them are able to cope up with the vast and different curriculum of 11th class. 
This book has been designed with a simple approach for class 10th passed students aspiring to get into IITs. This book has been divided into 8 chapters each containing detailed theoretical content along with figures and chemical reactions for better understanding. For extra information marginal notes are provided along the text. The book contains a number of solved Illustrations and unsolved questions within the chapter. Proficiency Problems containing various types of questions like discussion questions, numerical type, fill in the blanks, true false type and questions asked in IIT JEE have been provided at chapter end along with their hints and solutions. Eight workouts are given at the end of the book with their answers for more practice.

Book Details

Author   Arihant
Publication Year    
ISBN-13   9789350944004
Source Code   B046
Language   English
Binding   Paperback
Series   Foundation Types Series
Classification   Foundation Book

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