The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava

The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava

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About the Book: The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava

Nothing left to fight for is nothing left to lose... Emperor Dharma Yudhisthir of the Kauravas and Empress Panchali Draupadi rule over the unified realm of Aryavarta, an empire built for them by Govinda Shauri with the blessings of the Firstborn and by the might of those whom everyone believes long gone-the Firewrights.Now the Firewrights rise from the ashes of the past, divided as before in purpose and allegiance-those who wish to use the knowledge of their ancestors for the greater good of the new empire and those determined to avenge the annihilation of their kin. Sinister plans are afoot, and no one, it seems, can stand in the way of the chaos about to be unleashed-not the Firstborn, not the kings of Aryavarta, and not Govinda Shauri. As a plot to destroy Govindas beloved city Dwarka takes an unexpected turn, and Dharma Yudhisthir gambles away his empire, the tormented empress is forced into a terrifying exile and Aryavarta teeters once again on the brink of destruction. Condemned by his own failures, Govinda is left a broken man. The only way he can save Aryavarta and the woman in whose trusted hands he had left it is by playing a dangerous game: He must betray a terrible secret that the Vyasa has protected all his life. A secret that may well destroy the Firstborn, and the Firewrights with them.

About the Author: Krishna Udayasankar

Krishna Udayasankar is a graduate of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, and holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Nanyang Business School, Singapore, where she presently works as a lecturer. Govinda, Krishnas bestselling debut novel and the first in the Aryavarta Chronicles series of mytho-historical novels, received critical acclaim. She is also the author of Objects of Affection, a full-length collection of poetry (Math Paper Press, 2013) and is an editor of Body Boundaries: The Etiquette Anthology of Womens Writing (The Literary Centre, Forthcoming, 2013). When she is not watching Rajinikanth movies first-day, first-show, complete with applause and whistles, or hanging out with her fictional characters, Krishna can be found with her family, which includes two book-loving Siberian Huskies, Boozo and Zana.



Suspense, vendetta, plots, counter-plots, gory scenes of torture and even a graphically described hallucinatory sequence is sure to give an adrenalin rush to those in need of one.-The Hindu

Strikes an intriguing balance between novelty and existing ideas… Surprises with retellings that are startlingly different.-DNA

Udayasankar takes the Indian fascination for magic, incarnation, renunciation, friendship, and of course, romance, to the next level.-Democratic World

Pick up the book for a leisurely read and see how elegantly Udayasankar weaves tales in your head.-Mail Today

Thoroughly engaging...The drama, diplomacy and dispute in this reimagined version will make the book unputdownable.-Straits Times, Singapore

A fast-paced book, full of intrigue and guile.-Sunday Tribune

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