Microprocessor and Interfacing

Microprocessor and Interfacing

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 Microprocessor and Interfacing
By: A. P. Godse, D. A, Godse

Micro processor application
Microprocessor and its architecture
Instruction sets
Arithmetic and logic instruction
Introduction - 8086 family,
80286, 80386 and 80486 microprocessor system concept.
Instruction set for intel 8086
Assembly language programming with examples like addition of 8/16-bit binary number
Bus interface I/O port addressing
Decoding 8279
Programmable key board/display interface,
8254 internal timer 
16550 programmable communication interface A/D,
8259A programmable interrupt controller,
8237 DMA controller
Programmable communication interfere 8251 USART CRT controller 8275, 6854,
Floppy Disk Controller 8272,
I/O processor 8089.
Memory unit

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