And the Mountains Echoed

And the Mountains Echoed

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About the Book: And the Mountains Echoed
From the no. 1 bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, the book that readers everywhere have beenwaiting for: his first novel in six years.

So, then. You want a story and I will tell you one....

Afghanistan, 1952. Abdullah and his sister Pad live with their father and step-mother in the small village of Shadbagh.Their father, Saboor, is constantly in search of work and they struggle together through poverty and brutal winters. To Adbullah,Pad, as beautiful and sweet-natured as the fairy for which she was named, is everything. More like a parent than a brother, Abdullah will do anything for her, even trading his only pair of shoes for a feather for her treasured collection. Each night they sleep together in their cot, their skulls touching, their limbs tangled.

One day the siblings journey across the desert to Kabul with their father. Pad and Abdullah have no sense of the fate that awaits them there, for the event which unfolds will tear their lives apart; sometimes a finger must be cut to save the hand.

Crossing generations and continents, moving from Kabul, toParis, to San Francisco, to the Greek island of Tinos, with profound wisdom, depth, insight and compassion, Khaled Hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives, the ways that we help our loved ones in need, how the choices we make resonate through history, and how we are often surprised by the people closest to us.

About the Author: Khaled Hosseini
Khaled Hosseini is one of most widely read and beloved novelists in the world, with over 38 million copies of his books sold in more than seventy countries. The Kite Runner was a majormotion picture and was A Book of the Decade, chosen by The Times,Daily Telegraph and Guardian. A Thousand Splendid Suns was the Richard & Judy Best Read of the Year in 2008. Hosseini is alsoa Goodwill Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Refugee Agency and the founder of The Khaled Hosseini Foundation, a nonprofit organisation which provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and lives in northern California.
"A truly gifted teller of tales .... he’s not afraid to pull every string in your heart to make it sing" - The Times

"Hosseini has that rare thing, a Dickensian knack for storytelling. He excels at writing suspenseful epics filled with compelling characters" - Daily Telegraph

"Hosseini writes beautifully" - Spectator

"A storyteller of dizzying power" - Evening Standard

"This is Hosseini’s magic: his books are heartwarming .... in Khaled Hosseini, Afghanistan has at last found a voice" - Financial Times

"A superstar storyteller" - Mariella Frostrup

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