Sky, God and A Clown

Sky, God and A Clown

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About the Book: Sky, God and a Clown

Sky, God and a Clown is a story about small things in life. It is about two brothers playing hide and seek in a summer noon. It is about a mother who loves telling stories. It is the story of a daughter who dares to fight against the evil societys spirit. It is about a father who stands tall to protect his family. In short, Sky, God and a Clown is about a Clowns journey to find his Sky and God!!




Details Of Book : Sky, God and A Clown

Book: Sky, God and A Clown
Author: Rahul Kumar Pandey 
ISBN: 9383185236
ISBN-13: 9789383185238
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2013-06-06
Publisher: Notion Press
Number of Pages: 226
Language: English

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