Surveying Volume 2 by S. K. Duggal

Surveying Volume 2 by S. K. Duggal

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This fourth edition provides an updated and comprehensive coverage on all the essentials of practical surveying. The most outstanding feature of the book is the condensation of the exhaustive theory into a symmetric, point-wise pattern and insertions of explanatory notes particularly with reference to the more common surveying operations for easy learning of the students


About the Book: Surveying: Volume II: 4th Edition

"This fourth edition of this text has been thoroughly revised, updated and made more comprehensive and informative.

It deals with the advanced topics of plane and geodetic surveying with a plethora of pedagogy making this an excellent offering on the subject.


In-depth coverage of Remote sensing, GPS and GIS

Dedicated chapter on Digital Image Processing and Analysis

Points to remember given in the form of Notes wherever necessary"


"1. Trigonometric Levelling


2. Triangulation

3. Theory of Errors and Triangulation Adjustment

4. Hydrography

5. Aerial Survey

6. Remote Sensing

7. Digital Image Processing and Analysis

8. Geographic Information System (GIS)

9. Global Positioning System (GPS)

10. Field Astronomy"

About the Author: S K Duggal

"S.K. Duggal: Professor and Head Dept. of Civil Engineering MNNIT, Allahabad"

Book: Surveying Volume 2
Author: S. K. Duggal 
ISBN: 1259029832
ISBN-13: 9781259029837
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2013-06-20
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education India
Number of Pages: 520
Language: English


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