Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced

Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced

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Product Name : A Textbook of Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced
Code : B017
Author : Amit M Agarwal
ISBN : 9789350943977
Pages : 338
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Key Features 

• The book completely covers the Trigonometry of Senior Secondary at the level of IITJEE. 

• Book covers the topics of basic Trigonometry viz., trigonometric functions and identities, trigonometric equations and inequations, properties and solutions of triangles, and the inverse trigonometric functions with concepts, laws and formulas. 

• “Solved Examples” are given covering all the topics to help well. 

• “Multi-leveled Exercises” are provided at the end of the chapter with their objective answers. 

• Detailed hints & solutions are covered given at the end of the book to clear the concepts. 

Table of Contents 

1. Trigonometric Functions and Identities 
2. Trigonometric Equations and Inequations 
3. Properties and Solution of Triangles 
4. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 
• Hints and Solutions 


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