You Can Sell

You Can Sell

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You Can Sell


A bestseller in the sales and business category and a very inspiring work by a professional speaker and author, You Can Sell by Shiv Khera is a must-read for all ambitious individuals.

Summary Of The Book

You Can Sell talks about the various aspects of the selling process and also emphasizes on the presence of the art of selling in every field of life. The author highlights examples where the selling process is visible. Whether it is the process of acquiring an admission or a job, or the task of entertaining social circles, You Can Sell talks about the demeanour and disposition, attitude and body language, and the words one uses while trying to sell anything, be it a service or a commodity. Khera teaches how to sell in a smooth manner and not impose on a person, which helps readers change their common perception of the act as a forceful one.

The book talks about the fundamentals of communication between the salesperson and the prospective buyer. It also teaches the executives to focus on providing the best for the customer as per his needs, and not just to accomplish a sale if the customer is to be befriended for life. Such important points are explained by delving into the customer’s psychology in a very logical manner.

Shiv Khera, through 31 chapters describing the art and science of sales gestures, introduces to readers topics such as what is selling, sales initiation, closing sales and maintaining a cordial relationship with the client. The author aims to infuse zeal in the readers, who can use this sales bible to improve certain aspects of their lives.

You Can Sell is filled with tips on how one can set practical goals and actually achieve them. It also contains interesting anecdotes to inspire the readers.

About Shiv Khera

A well known professional speaker and writer of motivating self help books, Shiv Khera is also known as the sales guru.

His other works are Living With Honor and Freedom Is Not Free.

Khera faced a lot of struggles in the earlier part of his life. He worked as a car washer, an insurance agent, and a franchisee operator. He later rose to popularity as a professional speaker. Khera comes from the small town of Dhanbad and is a well known social activist as well. He started a movement against the caste based reservation system of the country, and it is called the Country First Foundation. As a writer, his inspiration was a lecture by Norman Vincent Peale, which led him to pen his thoughts and views on paper.


Publisher Westland
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9789381626511
ISBN-10 9381626511
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 328 Pages
Height 0.79 inch
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