Computer Networking

Computer Networking

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Computer Networking


Computer network: Definitions, Goals, Components, Structure, Architecture, Classifications and types, Growth, Complexity and applications etc. Layered architecture: Protocol hierarchy, Connection oriented and connectionless services, Service primative design issues and its functionality. ISO-OSI reference model: Principle, Model, Descriptions of various layers and its comparison with TCP/IP. Network standardization.
Examples of networks: Telecommunication network, Corporate networks, Connection oriented network i.e., X.25, Frame relay and ATM, Wireless LAN 802.11, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, SNA and DNA etc.

Data link layer: Need, Services provided, Framing and its methods, Flow control, Error control. DLL protocol: Elementary and sliding window. Piggybacking and pipelining. Protocol verification: Finite state machine models and petri net models. Example in data link layers: HDLC and internet. Comparison of BISYNC and HDLC features. Bridges and layer-2 switches.

MAC sub layer: Static and dynamic channel allocation, Media access control for LAN and WAN. Classification of MAC sub layer protocol, Study of various collision, Collision free and limited contention protocol i.e., ALOHA : Pure, Slotted, CSMA, CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, Bit map, Binary count down, BRAP, MLMA, Adaptive tree walk and urn protocol etc. IEEE 802 standards for LAN and MAN and their comparison. Ethernet: Cabling, Binary exponentials algorithms, Performance fast ethernet, Gigabit ethernet, FDDI. Wireless LANs, Broadband wireless, Bluetooth: Architecture, Application and layering.

Network layer: Need, Services provided , Design issues, Routing algorithms: Least cost routing algorithm, Dijkstra's algorithm, Bellman-ford algorithm, Hierarchical routing, Broadcast routing, Multicast routing, Routing for mobile hosts, Routing in Ad Hoc networks, Routing strategies, Congestion control algorithms: General principles of congestion control, Prevention policies, Congestion control in virtual-circuit subnets, Congestion control in datagram subnets. IP protocol, IP addresses, Comparative study of IPv4 and IPv6, Mobile IP.

Processes to processes delivery - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) - User datagram protocol, Data traffic, Congestion control and quality of service, Techniques to improve QoS, Integrated services and differentiated services. Network security : Cryptography, Message security, Digital signature, User authentication, Key management, Security protocols in internet, DNS, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, WWW, Virtual terminal protocol, VoIP: Basic IP telephone system, H.323 characteristic and layering, SIP characteristics, Method and sessions.

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