highway engineering by khanna and justo

highway engineering by khanna and justo

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1. Introduction

  • Importance of Transportation
  • Different Modes of Transportation
  • Characteristics of Roads Transport
  • Importance of Roads in India
  • Scope of Highway Engineering

2. Highway Development and Planning

  • Historical Development of Road Construction
  • Highway Development in India
  • Necessity of Highway Planning
  • Classification of Roads
  • Road Patterns
  • Planning Surveys
  • Preparation of Plans
  • Interpretation of Planning Surveys
  • Preparation of Master Plan & its Phasing
  • Highway Planning in India

3. Highway Alignment and Surveys

  • Highway Alignment
  • Engineering Surveys for Highway Location
  • Drawings and Report
  • Highway Project

4. Highway Geometric Design

  • Introduction
  • Highway Cross Section Elements
  • Sight Distance
  • Design of Horizontal Alignment
  • Design of Vertical Alignment

5. Traffic Engineering

  • Introduction
  • Traffic Characteristics
  • Traffic Operation
  • Design of Intersections
  • Design of Parking Facility
  • Highway Lighting
  • Traffic Planning & Administration

6. Highway Materials

  • Subgrade Soil
  • Stone Aggregates
  • Bituminous Materials
  • Bituminous Pavings Mixes
  • Portland Cement & Cement Concrete

7. Design of Highway Pavements

  • Introduction
  • Design factor
  • Design of Flexible Pavements
  • Deign of Rigid Pavements

8. Highway Construction

  • General Construction
  • Earthwork
  • Construction of Earth Roads
  • Construction of Gravel Roads
  • Construction Water Bond Macadam Roads
  • Construction of Bituminous Pavements
  • Construction of Cement Concrete Pavements
  • Construction of Joints in Cement Concrete Pavements
  • Joint Filler and Sealer
  • Reinforced Concrete Pavements
  • Prestressed Concrete Pavements

9. Soil Stabilized Roads

  • Introduction
  • Mechanical Soil Stabilization
  • Soil-cement Stabilization
  • Soil lime Stabilization
  • Stabilization of Soil Using Bituminous Materials
  • Special Problems in Soil Stabilization Work

10. Highway Maintenance

  • Introduction
  • Pavement Failures
  • Maintenance of Highways
  • Pavement Evaluation
  • Strengthening of Existing Pavements

11. Highway Drainage

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Highway Drainage
  • Surface Drainage
  • Drainage of Slopes & Water-logged Areas

12. Hill Roads

  • General Considerations
  • Alignment of Hill Roads
  • Geometrics of Hill Roads
  • Design & Construction of Hill Roads
  • Drainage in Hill Roads
  • Maintenance Problems in Hill Roads

13. Road Side Development

  • Environment Factors in Planning and Development of Highways
  • Road Side Development and Arboriculture
  • Planning Plantation of Trees
  • Planning Plantation of Trees
  • Species and their Selection
  • Care of Trees

14. Highway Economics and Finance

  • Introduction
  • Highway User Benefits
  • Highway Costa
  • Economics Analysis
  • Highway Finance
  • Index


Author S. K. KhannaC. E. G. Justd
Publisher Nem Chand and Brothers
Publication Year 2011
ISBN-13 9788185240633
ISBN-10 8185240639
Language English
Edition 9
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 592 Pages
Book Type Non Fiction Book
Stream Engineering
Degree/Diploma B.Tech, UG
Specialization Civil Engineering
Subject Highway Geometric Design, Pavement Materials and Construction, Transportation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Elements of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Highway and Traffic Engineering, Highway Engineering, Pavement Design
Term 5th Semester, 3rd Semester, 1st Year, 3rd Year

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